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Aava Kerttus


The animals stay with us on our farm all year round, and it’s us in the family that takes care of their well-being. Some of the animals are rescues or simply home switchers, while some have come to spend their last, quiet retirement days with us. Every now and then, lambs and calves are born on our farm, who get introduced to the world in the loving care of their mothers. We also take care of orphaned, abandoned or otherwise abandoned animals, which we take care of with the help of our customers.

Our farm lives by the seasons and animals, and no two days are alike. If you visit us several times, you will probably meet both old animal friends as well as new ones.


All customers are important to us. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. You can book our attention-loving, people-accustomed visiting stars to your site, just for you or for your event, or even surprise a friend with a surprise visit from us!

Our visiting stars

The animals that makes visits



Sirpa, everyone’s beloved sheep born in 2012, is an experienced veteran when it comes to animal visits. Sirpa and her daughter Emilia walk in a halter even indoors and do not panic. Hospital beds, wheelchairs, shaking hands, unintentional grips, passionate hugs or screams of joy do not disturb Sirpa and Emilia as long as they are offered love and human companionship.

Surusilmä & Tarja




A goat sibling pair born in 2018. Where one goes, the other follows… Sometimes we quarrel as siblings usually do, but without one the other leaves behind. If it’s speed “full speed ahead” that you’re looking for – then Pirjo & Pipsa is perfect for you. Human-friendly, goat siblings who walk nicely in halters.


Irish Wolfhound

The kindest and biggest dog!

Pyry-kana & Co


Pyry is the oldest and most well-traveled hen on our farm. This cheeky mix between brahman and silk hen thrives in the lap and being stroked, which is quite rare for a hen. Pyry is calm and harmonious and can be kept loose even in unfamiliar places. This hen always asks her friends to come along on visits! Most often it’s the silk hens Klaara and Serafiina, brahman Mörölmiina or some young and new ”student”. The hens visit in groups in the company of about 3-5 hens.

Alfons, Nappi & Töpö


Cozy furs and sniffing noses. Rabbits are guaranteed favorites among children, and why not among adults as well. Alfons is a cuddly foodie, Nappi just snatches the goodies and Töpö does not mind being tied up even in a harness. The rabbits visit you in a paddock, where the children can go in to pet them.

Red Bull & Lucy Luke

Wool llamas

Spray, Luis, Darra & Baldur